The first-ever book on how to quit vaping will help you stop for good!

A proven, evidence-based, results oriented approach that works.

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Benefits of Quitting Vaping with Brad:

Live Longer

Quitting vaping gives your lungs, brain and body a break to heal and live longer!

Breathe Better

By giving vaping a kick to the curb, you’ll love the lungs you’re with much better.

Think Different

You’ve been fed lies and totally been duped. Let me help you find the truth in this addiction.

Save Money

Add up all the dough you’ll save in a year, and treat yourself for exploring the opportunity to quit.

Kick Addiction

Slavery is never the best way to live life. Now that you know nicotine addiction is driving the vaping, we’ll do together what you haven’t alone – quit!

Sweet Breath

Your tongue, lips, teeth and breath will thank you for giving yourself a break to breathe below the neck better.

Folks You Love, Who Love Brad’s Work:

"Brad Lamm has helped to facilitate our national conversation on addiction, now leads us through steps needed to tackle the insidious and pervasive problem of vaping. Brad provides as he always has, practical advice and encouragement for family and loved ones to be helpful as well."
Jake Tapper, CNN
"Brad Lamm is an author and interventionist, who helps families deal with addiction. He is who I called when I needed to help my friend."
Tamron Hall
"Quit Vaping is the first honest and direct look at where we are with vaping, how we got here and how to stop. This is the fireside chat for the newest public health crisis from a familiar and kind voice. Brad is a dear friend who helps many. He inspired me quit vaping for good."
Mackenzie Phillips
"Brad Lamm isn’t just one of nation’s leading experts on trauma and addiction, but he went on to found Breathe Life Healing Center. He is a former addict. He puts it out there. He knows what he is talking about! Brad beat crystal meth and nicotine. He is a hero!"
Nancy Grace
“Brad has become a Bodhisattva who goes back into the perils he left behind to show others the way out. Brad can help you navigate the way to truth, love, and healing.
Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize–Winning Author of The Color Purple
"Brad Lamm & the folks at Breathe Life Healing Centers are world class. They take really good care of people. "
TD Jakes
"Brad Lamm is an addiction expert , and for many families in need their last hope."
Lester Holt
"Brad Lamm has what I think is a very vibrant program."
Dr. Phil
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What’s Inside The Book?

Part One: Lies and Facts
Part Two: The Program
Part Three: Your Quit Kit

The 28-day Program you'll find in the book:

  • Day 1: Set Your Quit Day
  • Day 2: Envision Becoming an Ex-Vaper
  • Day 3: Replace and Taper
  • Day 4: Nutritional Detox
  • Day 5: Assemble Your Quit Team
  • Day 6: Defeat Your Doubts
  • Day 7: Practice H2M and Begin NRT
  • Day 8: Clean House
  • Day 9: Emotional Cues
  • Day 10: Change Your Routine
  • Day 11: Exercise Your Quit
  • Day 12: Monitor Your Messaging
  • Day 13: Recognize Your Progress
  • Day 14: Pursue Your Passions
  • Day 15: Social Triggers
  • Day 16: Meditate Your Quit
  • Day 17: Stretch Your Quit
  • Day 18: Neutralize Negative Beliefs
  • Day 19: In Case of Relapse
  • Day 20: Health Checkup
  • Day 21: Reward Yourself
  • Day 22: Reset Your Mind
  • Day 23: The Power of Time
  • Day 24: Taper to Nothing
  • Day 25: Love Yourself
  • Day 26: Connect with a Higher Power
  • Day 27: Give Back
  • Day 28: Celebrate Your Quit

Why I Wrote this Book for You:

When e-cigarettes first hit the market in 2007 it seemed as though we had found a high-tech solution to the world’s toughest-to-break habit — smoking. Nicotine addicts more humans on the planet than any other form of addiction and causes unfathomable suffering.

As a form of harm reduction vaping was heralded as a wonder! Remember how it was supposed to help chronic smokers quit and thus avoid the cancer-causing tar and toxic shit in cigarettes. Vaping even looked cool.

Some devices resembled flash drives and required charging like other fun pieces of tech. It helped many stop smoking cigarettes. There was no testing done on vaping. No FDA approval. So scientists not on vape-makers payroll showing it was safer. Early adopters to vaping are the lab rats.

Then Big Vape landed hard going after our kids, and I knew I had to do something.

Today millions of teens vape in the US. All in, more than 15 million Americans vape. Some estimates put it closer to 30 million. All are addicted to nicotine, the addicting ingredient in vape, that makes you want more and more…all the while you pollute your lungs, brain and body with each tug from the e-cig.

It’s time to save your life… and the lives of those you love. It is time to stop. Let me show you how!

Why You Should Quit Vaping:

Vaping has become THE preventable public health crisis of our generation. With Corona Virus hitting us hard, those hardest hit include vapers. The vaping crisis is massive. Big Vape care nothing for us, and are killing us quickly and slowly.

Almost 15 million Americans consume vape concentrations of nicotine more potent & addictive than traditional cigarettes, along with deadly carcinogens such as formaldehyde, benzene, and propylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze. Vapers are dying, health professionals are sounding the alarm, and parents are struggling to help their addicted teenagers.

Love the lungs you’re with. I met a 17 year old fellow recently who ran cross country in High School. His name is Daniel. Now he sits pondering how in the world he is the first double-lung transplant recipient in the US as the result of vaping. Your lungs matter!

According to the New York Times, as of the first week of 2020 there have been 2,506 cases of vaping- related lung injuries and more than 60 deaths. Let me help you, or the one you love, quit for good.

This simple, 28-day program provides specific actions to take, day by day, as you free yourself from nicotine addiction.

Learn how to create a quit plan, build a support team, follow a detox, change your inner dialogue, manage your cravings, and become a non-vaper.

Key information and special considerations throughout help and guide parents of young vapers through the process as well.

The plan offers a rich variety of strategies, tactics, hacks, exercises, research, and inspiring stories of people who have quit the habit using Lamm’s proven program.

Let’s Start Your Stop Today. You Don’t Quit till Day 7! Order Your Copy Now!

Available on audio, read by Brad.

A Quick Preview

Take a first look to see what you will learn:

Lies & Facts about Vaping:

The CDC has clarified that vapers of both THC & nicotine are suffering from acute lung illness and dying.

It took more than a decade once cigarettes grew into a national “safe” trend before it became America’s number one preventable cause of death for millions. Lung cancer began spiking, and a trail of tears followed.

Data from the NIH and other studies not funded by Big Vape and Big Tobacco show that vaping is not a harm reduction model promised. In fact in 2017 and 2018 vaping increased a bananas 78 percent. Big Vape went after our kids and has addicted a generation to harmful chemicals delivering nicotine through their lungs. LIES + FACTS: Vaping isn’t addictive. Vaping nicotine connects the vaper to the substance that addicts more human beings on the planet than any other — bar none. Vaping nicotine products is super addictive — and increases the likelihood that you will get hooked on cocaine, meth and opioids later.

Vaping is social, no doubt. Vaping looks cool in ways, no doubt. But getting a double lung transplant at 17 years old and ruining your health is not cool or useful. Lots of things are thrilling but awful for you. Jumping out of a plane without a parachute is thrilling just once. Period. End of story. We are new in the vaping life cycle and so the lab animals (you, if you vape!) are at the beginning of the illness cycle.

Vaping was never tested, nor approved by any federal agency. In fact, the idiot who was in charge of Vaping in the end of the Obama administration was up to his knees in Big Vape profiteering. Scott Gottlieb, a physician who should be run out of town, once served on the board of a chain of vaping lounges, and President Trump appointed him head of the FDA in 2017. Since then, the Trump administration announced that it would ban flavored e‐ cigarettes, but backlash from the vaping industry prompted officials to reconsider the ban.

I understand the lure. The flavor is compelling and pleasing in ways, even as it pollutes you mouth, lungs, brain and body. It is one of the vaping “parts” that lures the prey in — you if you vape. Your kids, if they do. Big Vape marketed teens in ways that are criminal, immoral and deadly. Remember when Big Tobacco CEOs testified before congress in the 1990s that “tobacco isn’t addictive”? They have a track record of being lying, thieving scoundrels who are in fact, serial killers. They should be caned in public. These crooked moneyhungry devious souls have hooked a generation of our best and brightest, interrupted the most important time of our teens brain development with a powerful addiction and they ought to be punished, in public.

About the Author

Brad Lamm, CIP, is an author, teacher, and interventionist best known for helping people make life-enhancing change on CBS This Morning, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and TODAY.

He has managed more than 1,000 interventions, visited hundreds of treatment facilities across the country, presented before Parliament in the UK, served on the board of the Association of Intervention Specialists, collaborated with the most knowledgeable specialists in the field of recovery treatment, and worked at the state level to introduce treatment options to communities.

In 2012, he opened the Breathe Life Healing Center, which uses industry-leading techniques to provide powerful treatment for body, mind, and spirit.

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